Workshop: Developing a Web Presence for Graduate Students

Workshop: Developing a Web Presence for Graduate Students

On April 8, 2017, Eric Smialek, a graduate of McGill’s PhD in Musicology, and I, a current McGill MA student, gave a workshop on how to curate your web presence as a graduate student. Eric approached the topic as someone who is immersed in the academic job market and who is considering creating a personal website to highlight his professional achievements. Eric brought me into the project due to my practical experience as a web editor for La Scena Musicale, as well as someone who recently created a website. (This website, in fact!)

Below, you can find the workshop description, slides, handout, and further reading.


Workshop Description

End of Year Grant Writing Workshop for Graduate Music Students

“If you don’t have a clear online presence, you are allowing Google, Yahoo and Bing to create your identity for you,” says Kelli Marshall, cinema and media studies instructor at DePaul University College of Communication. Your web presence is unavoidable, but you can manage and curate it to set boundaries between the personal and professional. In this 90-minute workshop, you will discover practical strategies for creating a website, including budgetary options, aesthetic choices, and design.

Together, we will assess sample websites from composers, performers, and academic researchers to help you envision the web presence that fits you best. Are you applying for a job? Looking for gigs? Searching for an ensemble to collaborate with? In our workshop, you will learn the steps you need to take to create a webpage that will work for you by reaching the audience you want and helping them to find the information they need.



“Developing a Web Presence for Graduate Students” Powerpoint


Workshop Handout

Developing a Web Presence for Graduate Students Handout


Industry Advice for Photos

I asked Rebecca Clark, my colleague at La Scena Musicale, for her advice for students who are creating a website with a photo section for media outlets. Here is what she had to say: “Industry Advice for Photos”



Here are some articles that helped inform our workshop: